Branca Gil de Miranda’s Individual Summary

Branca Gil de Miranda’s Individual Summary

The farther back we go it is even more difficult to pull out the stories of our female ancestors.   I know that Branca was married to Rui Lopes in Lisboa, Portugal.  Later she married Joao(?) Beliago.

What isn’t said here is that her first husband, Rui Lopes, was one of the early settlers on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.  So, that would make Branca one of the first women to settle there as well.

Name:    Branca GIL DE MIRANDA
Sex:    Female
Mother:    Maria or Margarida DIAS-2645 (    –    )

Individual Facts

1. Rui LOPES-2640 (    –    )
Marriage    9 Aug 1511    Lisboa, Portugal
Children    Sebastiao BARBOSA DA SILVA-2629 (    –    )
2. Joao? BELIAGO-2642 (    -1511)
Marriage    bef 9 Aug 1511

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