Amelia (Pacheco) Kanehe’s Individual Summary

Amelia (Pacheco) Kanehe’s Individual Summary

(I have been unable to root out Amelia’s story.  I think perhaps she might have died during the flu epidemic or during childbirth.  After 1920, she disappears.)

Name:    Amelia PACHECO-21839–43
Sex:    Female
Father:    Jose PACHECO Sr.-54 (1865-1916)
Mother:    Maria NUNES DE SOUZA-149 (1877-1942)

Individual Facts
Birth    27 Jul 1903    Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Residence    1910 (about age 7)    149 Kilauea Rd; Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Occupation    1920 (about age 17)    Laborer on Sugar Plantation; HI
Death    bef 1942 (before about age 39)
Alt. Name        Emily Pacheco -21839

1. Walter KANEHE-219 (1901-    )
Marriage    2 May 1920 (age 16)    Kilauea (Hanalei), Kauai Co., HI
Children    Unnamed KANEHE-2330 (1922-1922)

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