Laborers at the Sugar Plantation

Laborers at the Sugar Plantation

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As it is Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d post the one photograph I have that links my relatives to their sugar plantation laboring roots.  This photograph is in my cousin Ted’s collection.

It was taken on one of the sugar beet farms in Monterey County, CA.  It’s most likely King City, Soledad, or Spreckels.  There might be some clues in the writing on the side of the trailer, but all I can make out is the last word “Hotel”.  It was most likely taken about 1910-1914.

I do not know who all the men are unfortunately.  The man in standing near the horses is with the light colored shirt on is Anthony Correia.  He was my great aunt, Maria “Nanny” (Pacheco Smith) Souza’s second husband.  Her first husband, Anton “Dean” Souza is standing on the farm equipment.  I believe he is the man on the right.

The photo gives some idea of what equipment they were using during this time period.  In 1910, Anton Souza was a farm laborer, but in 1914, he was an engineer.  I haven’t found Anthony Correia in the 1910 or 1920 census as yet.

I’m not sure why this photo was taken.  But, I’m glad that my cousin saved it so that we could see this early part of our heritage.


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