Research Plan for Mary Jane Haywards Jones

Research Plan for Mary Jane Haywards Jones

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[This is a Genealympics challenge created by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings.  The task is to create a research plan for one of my “end” ancestors.]

The end of my Jones line is Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones and her husband, John Jones.  This is the research plan for Mary Jane.  I think I do my research plans a bit different than other people.  I like to list what I know first.  Then, I ask the questions I would like answered and I fill in what resources might help me answer those questions.

Known info:

Mary Jane Haywards

b. ca 1811 in England or Wales

m. ca. 1840, possibly Australia

first child born in Sydney, Australia 3 Jan 1850 (source:  family info., records of Thomas A. Jones, and possibly bapistmal index entry for Thomas)

earliest proof of residency in San Francisco 1863/1864 (source: city directory)

m. ca 1840, possibly in Australia

Widowed 8 Jan 1877 (source: obituary of husband)

Two known children:  John Charles and Thomas Augustine

Living with son, Thomas, in 1880 (source: 1880 Census)

d. 3 Dec 1891, San Francisco, CA (source:  obituary and mortuary record)

Research Plan

1.  When and where was Mary Jane born?  Was it England or Wales?

Her birth place varies between cemetery and census records.

Possible records:

Mt. Calvary Cemetery record–are these available?

Baptismal record of Thomas Augustine Jones in 1850–how do I locate this?

2.  When did Mary Jane migrate to San Francisco, CA?  Did she come over with John or did they migrate separately?

Possible records:

Immigration indexes and ship manifests for the period between 1850 and 1864.

1860 US Census:  No matches in California

Naturalization records of John Joseph Jones, 14 Oct 1869 and John Charles Jones, 1 Aug 1867:  Did these survive the 1906 earthquake and fire?  (information taken from voter registration indexes and naturalization index)

3.  Where Mary Jane and John married in Australia or before?

Need to establish her in Australia first

Son John Charles was born in Australia 11 Sep 1843

4.  How did Mary Jane get to Australia?

Need to establish her in Australia first

5.  Who were Mary Jane’s parents?

Possible records:

Mt. Calvary Cemetery Records

Things to do:

Need to further research Australian records to see if the immigration records I need are available.  If I can establish them coming from Australia to San Francisco, then I might be able figure out how long they really lived in Australia.  Are the birth and baptismal records for John Charles and Thomas Augustine available in Sydney, Australia?  Would these have enough information to pinpoint who Mary Jane’s parents were, her date of birth, and where she was born?


[This is the basis of my research plan.  It looks like I need to find out about the Mt. Calvary Cemetery records, San Francisco Naturalization records, and records in Sydney, Australia.   Normally, when I write these up, I leave enough room to make notations, to note microfilm numbers, and to list databases I have looked at.]

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