GeneaOlympics Round Up

GeneaOlympics Round Up

The real Olympics are over and so are the GeneaOlympics.  I want to thank Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings for his extra challenges and, of course, AnceStories for the original challenges.

This time around I decided to focus primarily on challenges that were related to my blog.  My blog was sorely in need of some love (meaning posts), so I put my energy there.

Here’s my flag…I competed for multiple nations…

Ancestral Flag


So, how did I do?

Randy’s challenges completed:

Great Great Grandparent challenge:  Platinum

Surname challenge:  Gold

Source to Person Ratio challenge:  Disqualified

Research Plan Challenge:  One plan done, Bronze

Blog’s Read challenge: Bronze

AnceStories challenges completed:

Write, Write, Write!

What’s This Blog About

Biographical Sketch

Participated in a blog carnival that will be online September 1st

Prepared 15 posts that would be published in the future

Four tasks completed=Diamond Medal

Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness

Commented on two blogs that were new to me

Joining another blogger’s network on Facebook (phew…I’d forgotten all about the blog network!)

I assisted two people by finding the 1940 census page for one person’s ancestor and the death certificate for the other person’s ancestor.  I also tried to help a third person with her tree, but we’ve hit a road block.

Three tasks completed=Gold Medal

All in all I earned 2 Bronze, 2 Gold, 1 Diamond, and 1 Platinum.  I was disqualified in one event (oh well…LOL…must work on my start time).  I also had a lot of fun!



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