SNGF: I am unique, aren’t I?

SNGF: I am unique, aren’t I?

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has his Saturday Night Genealogy Challenge out.  We’re to use the calculator at the BBC website to find out where we place in the world population.

I was the 3,246,290,120th person born in the world on my birthday.  Woo hoo!

My Dad was the 1,997,782,447th person.

My Mom was the 2,213,175,838th person.

The earliest year the calculator will go is 1910.  So, I entered my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) who was born 27 Sep 1912.  Her number was 1,773,981,800th.

My oldest sister born in 1957 came in at 2,879,900,877th.  My oldest brother born in 1958 came in as 2,937,283,387th.  My middle sister came in at 3,010,697,408th.  And, my other brother born in 1961family came in at 3,112,589,962nd.

My youngest niece born in 2002 comes in at 6,282,410,530th.

This is interesting stuff.  Thanks to Randy for always finding new ways for us to view our family history.

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