Answers to the Game

Answers to the Game

I hope you’ve all had a chance to go over the passenger list posted Saturday and have tried your hand at reading the names.  This is what I came up with.  After you’ve played, post some comments.   Do your answers match mine?  Do you think I’ve got anything wrong?  Did you enjoy working on this?

Here are the answers to Saturday’s transcription game:

1.  Manoel Rodrigues
2.  Joao Rapozo d’Almeida
3.  Manoel Pereira Soares
4.  Manoel Domingos _________ (Bernardo?)
5.  Maria Jose dos Santos
6.  Anna Jacintha
7.  Virginia
8.  Joao de Aguair
9.  Manoel de Souza Pereira
10.  Francisco de Oliveira
11.  Helena do Sacramento
12.  Manoel
13.  Antonio
14.  Maria
15.  Anna
16.  Jose
17.  Maria Pereira Bernarda
18.  Antonio Miguel de Braga
19.  Maria da Gloria
20.  Maria
21.  Maria
22. Patrocinia
23. Jacintha Roza
24. Helena de Jesus
25.  Ermelinda dos Anjos
26.  John Moniz
27.  Anna Jacintha
28.  Manoel Vieira
29.  Candida de Jesus
30.  Emilia da Conceicao
31.  Maria Jacintha
32.  Jacintha
33.  Margarida
34.  Rosa Josepha
35.  Antonio Rapozo Ferreira
36.  Maria de Jesus Ferreira
37.  Jacintho

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