That’s Old News: Extreme Sports 1890’s Style

That’s Old News: Extreme Sports 1890’s Style

Doing some research the other day, I came across this drawing in the San Francisco Chronicle, 10 January 1897:

It appears Push Ball was the next big thing…maybe the first extreme sport!  The shere was 6 feet in diameter.  The two teams push the ball around, against each other.  It is unclear if they are heading for a goal or just pushed it around.  Perhaps it was like tug o’ war only with a ball.  Whoevers team mate get rolled over, lose?  LOL  The  author of the articles does gives much for the fans  to look forward with his description of push ball:  “the play itself is a rhapsodial spasm of physical activity”.

I don’t think it’s any wonder that we are not playing push ball today.


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