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How Common Are Grey Eyes?

I’ve been working through the World War I Draft Registration Cards for my Irish/Australian/English/Welsh side of the family.  These cards include a description of the person.  The description is given in height, weight, eye color, and hair color.

I input 10 cards last night.  I was surprised to find that for over half of them the eye color was grey.  I’ve met people with hazel color eyes who shift between green, blue, and grey.  But, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with grey eyes, at least, that I can remember.

Does anyone know how common grey color eyes are?  Are they more common to certain ethnics groups?  I think all of these people were Irish.

This was a surprising bit of information.  I wonder if grey eye color ran in the Kelly family.

4 thoughts on “How Common Are Grey Eyes?

  1. Most of one side of my family have grey eyes, as did my grandfather. My grandmother has blue. My daughters both have grey eyes. I have inherited green eyes with brown ringed irises from my mother’s side. My grandfather’s family was from Lithuania and Russia, where grey eyes are said to be common.

  2. Only myself in my family has grey eyes, but I have heard they are common in Europe. They fluctuate from grey to a very light blue, depending on the day and my mood, but most of the time they are a simple grey. I rather like having them, as they are quite unique here in America. 🙂

  3. I think that grey eyes are beautiful they are unique and thats one of the things i like about them!!!!! <3 😀

  4. The creepy thing, I have grey eyes, my mum has grey eyes and my grandma on my mum’s side has grey eyes. That side of our family comes from England, Ireland, Wales and we have five generations of Aussie blood. I’ve seen about 4 people with eyes actually grey, but none as dark as mine. Unless there is sunlight or white artificial lights (in other words, quite a fare amount of light), then my eyes will appear black or almost black with a pale ring around the pupil. Anyway, I think grey eyes are rare!

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