Wedding Chapel Wednesday: Smith and Margie

Wedding Chapel Wednesday: Smith and Margie

This is the wedding photo of my Great Uncle and Aunt, Theodore Pacheco (aka Ted P. Smith) and Angie Margie.  Theodore was the son of Theodoro and Maria (de Braga) Pacheco.  Angie was the daughter of Antone and Rose (Joseph) Margie.

Both Theodore and Angie were born in Hawaii.  He in Kilauea, Kauai.  Her birthplace is unknown.  They grew up in the same neighborhood in Oakland, CA.  Theodore left with his Mother and siblings for a few years, ca. 1915, for Spreckels in Monterey County, CA.

When the family returned to Oakland, they met up with the Margie’s once again.  Theodore and Angie were in their early 20s.

They married 1 Jan 1924 in Oakland.  I’ve not sure which church they were married at.  They were married by Rev. Ragogna.

This story takes a sad turn.  In 1927, Angie became pregnant.  The couple was looking forward to their first child.  But, in August, Angie became ill.  She died on the 5th of August in 1927.  The cause of death was toxemia of pregnancy.

Theodore never fully recovered.  He remarried very soon after to his cousin’s daughter, Madeline Pacheco.  The marriage was short lived.  There was a nine year difference between them.  Theodore was still grieving for Angie and took to drinking.  As I was told by an elderly relative, he made Madeline’s life a living hell.  They married in 1928 and were probably divorced before 1935.

Theodore never remarried.  I’ve been told that Angie was his one true love in life.  It is unfortunate that he remarried so soon after her death.  Perhaps over time he would have healed.  But, as it often was with my Portuguese relatives, marriage was seen as the elixir that would heal all wounds.  You had to move forward.  And, you need to have children.  For Theodore, this was a bad decision all around.  And, I feel sorry for his second wife.  She did eventually remarry and have a family.  I hope that marriage was much better.

Theodore died on the 29 of October 1960.  He is buried next to Angie at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Oakland, CA.


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