Surname Saturday: Furtado/Furtada of Achada

Surname Saturday: Furtado/Furtada of Achada

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That was a crafty rhyme in my blog post title 😉

Last week, I followed Rosa Pimentel’s maternal line. This week I am going to follow her paternal line. The surname Furtado and the variant Furtada figures in this line. Once again, because of the era, the surname follows the matrilineal format.

Starting with Rosa Pimentel…She is the daughter of Joze Furtado, b. 13 Sep 1767, Achada, Nordeste, Sao Miguel Island, Azores. Her Mother was Antonia Pimentel, who married Joze 29 May 1791, Achada.

Joze’s parents were Miguel do Monte of Rosario, Achadinha and Terezza Furtada of Agua Retorta. Joze has Furtada on both sides of his tree. And, because no Portuguese line can have a consistent surname, the last people in this line have the surnames Costa, Salgueiro, Costa (again), and Teixeira.

Note that this one line originates from three different villages: Achada, Achadinha, and Agua Retorta. Achada and Achadinha are near each other. Agua Retorta is further away. This makes my Portuguese paternal ancestry different from my Portuguese maternal ancestry. Where the paternal line comes form several different villages, the maternal line comes from predominantly from one village, Maia, in Ribeira Grande.

Ahnentafel of Joze FURTADO – 17 Jun 2011

First Generation
1. Joze FURTADO: born on 13 Sep 1767 in Achada Grande, Sao Miguel, Acores.

Second Generation
2. Miguel MONTE: born about 1720 in Rosario, Achadinha, Sao Miguel, Acores; married on 7 Sep 1744 in N. S. da Graca, Faial da Terra, Sao Miguel, Acores.
3. Tereza FURTADA: born on 3 Apr 1716 in Agua Retorta, Sao Miguel, Acores.

Third Generation
4. Miguel do MONTE: born about 1695 in Rosario, Achadinha, Sao Miguel, Acores.
5. Maria FURTADA: born in Achada, Nordeste, Sao Miguel Isl..
6. Manuel COSTA SALGUIERO: born about 1695 in Agua Retorta, Sao Miguel, Acores.
7. Maria FURTADA: born about 1695 in Agua Retorta, Sao Miguel, Acores.

Fourth Generation
12. Francisco da COSTA: married.
13. Maria SALGUIERO.
14. Manuel de COSTA: married.
15. Marie TEIXEIRA.

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