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Happy Mother’s Day!

This photograph was taken in 1964 a few months after I was born.  My oldest sister is 7 at the time.  My Mom is 27 years old in this photo.  She 5 kids in 7 years.

It’s one of my favorites.  We were visiting one of my parent’s friends.  We were like a small army being inflicted upon anyone who dared invite the whole family over.  Often, we’d take up a whole couch (and more as we grew).  Sometimes people didn’t even have enough chairs for all of us for dinner.  It was a small wonder we got invited to very few places. 😀

I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I’d also like send my thoughts and prayers to the people who live near the Mississippi River whose thoughts are turned towards survival rather than celebration today.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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