Finding Enumeration Districts in the 1940 Census

Finding Enumeration Districts in the 1940 Census

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Some time back, I posted to Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun about what I expected to find in the 1940 Census.  Joel Weintraub from the website posted a comment about the different utilities they’ve created to assist people with searching the 1940 census.  I decided to check it out to see if I could find the EDs for my Oakland relatives on E. 25th Street.

First, I went to the Obtaining EDs for the Census in One Step page.  I followed these steps:

1.  I selected the 1940 census for the drop down menu.

2.  I selected the state: California

3.  I selected the city:  Oakland

4.  I selected the street:  25th E (for East 25th)

Next it asks me for the cross street.  I don’t know the streets of Oakland that well, so I searched for one of the addresses in Google Maps.  Since my ancestors lived on almost the entire street, I picked an address closest to one end, 1948 E. 25th.  The map showed me that the closest cross street is 19th Avenue.

5.  Back to, I selected the street: 19th Av

The utility provided me with three enumeration districts:  61-188, 61-189, and 61-190.

For kicks, I redid the search and used the other cross street: 21st Avenue.  With this combination, I got two enumeration districts: 61-189 and 61-190.

This is really going to cut down my census workload!  I was thinking I would have to slog through many pages to find the streets where my people lived.   I won’t have to do that now.  I can refer to this utility and get the enumeration districts in advance.  Now I can plan my attack!

Thanks to Joel for pointing out this nifty utility!  It’s going to save so many genealogists so much time.

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