Surname Saturday: Jones

Surname Saturday: Jones

I have been blessed to have some of the most common surnames every to have existed on the face of the Earth!  Today’s surname is: Jones

The Jones family has been quite tricky.  My line starts with John Joseph Jones, b. ca 1815 in Wales.  John made his way to Australia sometime before 1840.  I have no information on that migration.

He married Jane “Mary Jane” Haywards, a native of England, but I am not sure when.  Since both were born in different countries, I’m leaning towards the marriage occurring in Australia.

So far, I know that their were two Jones boys:  John Charles Jones and Thomas Augustine Jones.  John was born ca 1843, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  Thomas was born 3 Jan 1850, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  Though I have no information on John and Jane having any other children, I am inclined to think their were more given the amount of years between John and Thomas.

The family migrated to San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, ca 1855.  I have yet to pinpoint the year of migration.

The Jones surname was carried forward through Thomas.  John Charles Jones had 3 daughters and no sons by his wife, Margaret Coffin.  Thomas Augustine Jones had 7 daughters and 1 son by his wife, Margaret Mary Kelly.  The son, another John (John J. Jones), had two sons, Gerald, and yes, John (John B. “Jack” Jones)!  As far as I know, Gerald had no children.  John 7 children, including 3 boys, and yet another John!  Of those boys, I have yet to find marriage information.  It is quite possible by now that the Jones surname has died out, which might not be a bad idea. 😉

This is a list of descendants of John Joseph Jones going out 4 generations:
Descendant List of John Joseph JONES – 11 Sep 2010
1-John Joseph JONES (abt 1815-bet 1878 and 1880)
+Mary Jane HAYWARDS (abt 1811-3 Dec 1891)
. .2-John Charles JONES (abt 1843-25 Feb 1905)
. . +Margaret COFFIN (11 Jun 1846-4 May 1908)
. . . 3-Jeanette “Nettie” JONES (abt 1867-)
. . .  +Frank Ludwick WALTHER (abt 1860-)
. . . 3-Nellie JONES (abt 1869-)
. . .  +William Hull PHELPS (abt 1867-)
. . . 3-Maude Ethel JONES (30 Jul 1882-31 Aug 1960)
. . .  +James PORTERFIELD (-)
. .2-Thomas Augustine JONES (3 Jan 1850-14 Mar 1923)
. . +Margaret KELLY (abt Nov 1849-13 Jul 1889)
. . . 3-Josephine Agnes JONES (5 Jan 1870-1 Oct 1962)
. . .  +Joseph Charles POHLEY Sr. (25 Feb 1870-7 Jun 1941)
. . . . .4-Charles A. POHLEY (3 Mar 1894-26 Oct 1981)
. . . . .4-Gladys M. POHLEY (4 Dec 1897-Aug 1981)
. . . . .4-George Thomas POHLEY I (13 Sep 1900-11 Sep 1966)
. . . . .4-??? POHLEY (bet 1900 and 1910-bef 1910)
. . . . .4-??? POHLEY (bet 1900 and 1910-bef 1910)
. . . . .4-Joseph Charles POHLEY JR. (28 May 1908-24 Feb 1951)
. . . 3-John J. JONES (29 Aug 1871-5 Oct 1937)
. . .  +Matilde “Maud” MCCULLOUGH (Sep 1874-bet 1934 and 1937)
. . . . .4-Gerald F. JONES (24 Jul 1898-21 Aug 1952)
. . . . .4-John B. “Jack” JONES (4 Nov 1905-)

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One thought on “Surname Saturday: Jones

  1. Oh, I’ve a Jones line, too, and it is my most puzzling brickwall, and one of my favorite lines to work on! I haven’t gone back very far, but those Joneses were so interesting that I plug away at it every week. I’ve resorted to reading zillions of pages of vital records one by one trying to find “my” Joneses. It’s the slow way to do this, but it has paid out with some valuable results.

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