Where They Lived: 1942 E. 25th Street

Where They Lived: 1942 E. 25th Street

This is the third entry in the series, 1942 E. 25th Street, Oakland
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This house was in the family between 1910 and 1920.   It is the smaller tan colored house on the left.

First, Manoel & Jacintha (Moniz) Pacheco lived here. They later moved to another part of Oakland. Second, their son Jacintho “Jesse Algrava” & his wife, Angelina (Vierra) Pacheco lived here.

According to the info. at zillow.com, this house was built in 1912, so there’s a good chance that Manoel & Jacintha built this house themselves. It’s currently valued at $367,500!!! I think in 1930 it was valued at about $4,000.

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