Where They Lived: 1936 E. 25th Street, the Cosma House

Where They Lived: 1936 E. 25th Street, the Cosma House

Second in the series, 1936 E. 25th Street, Oakland, California. This is the house where the Cosma’s lived.
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This bluish house with the stairs leading up and the picket fence around it was very well known to all the Pacheco and de Braga cousins. This is the house that Joaquim Jacinto da Camara and Marie Pacheco lived in. You know them better as John and Marie Cosma or Auntie & Uncle Cosma. As far as I gathered, the Cosma’s were living on the other side of the street until about 1911-1912, when they moved into this house. They lived here throughout their life.

The downstairs was a converted living quarter. In the 1932-1938, their daughter Isabella and husband, Frank Silva, and daughter Georgina & husband Robert Russell lived there a well. Their daughter, Alice and husband, Clarence Darcy, lived downstairs during the 1940s.

Zillow has this house built in 1930, but it also says “updated 1930”.  I’m thinking that’s when they converted the lower level to living quarters.  The house is currently valued at $682,000 and has 9 bedrooms!!!  In the 1930 census, the Cosma’s owned this house and it was valued at $3,000.

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