Working at the French Laundry

Working at the French Laundry

[Fearless Females–Women’s History Month, March 12th: Working Girl]

This photograph was taken around 1905-1910.  It shows the Mazeres family in front of one of their French laundries in Oakland, Alameda Co., California.  My great grandmother, Brigitte (Breilh) Mazeres, always worked alongside her husband, Charles.  When he died in 1921, she ran the laundries.

In the photo, Brigitte is standing next to Charles.  If you look closely, you can see she has something in her hand, possibly an iron.   I’m not sure who the woman is in the dark blouse.  The young girl is my Grandmother, Anna (Mazeres) Lassalle.


2 thoughts on “Working at the French Laundry

  1. Well after finding that our relatives lived near each other on Jessie St. in San Francisco, I find another possible link. My grandmother Louisa Soares worked at a French laundry in Oakland in the 1920s. Of course I don’t know which one, but you never know.

  2. Joyce, it wouldn’t surprise me since my Dad’s French relative owned many laundries in SF and Oakland. Our ancestors probably passed each other on the street everyday. 🙂

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