Timeline for Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones

Timeline for Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones

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I don’t know alot about my Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones.  However, I am able to put together a timeline of the events of her life.

Here is a brief timeline for my Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones:

Timeline – Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones
ca. 1811———-Born in Wales

ca. 1840———Immigrated to Australia

ca. 1840———Married John Joseph JONES

1840-1850——Resided in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

ca. 1843———First known child born, John Charles Jones

1850————-Second known child born, Thomas Augustine Jones

ca. 1855———Immigrated to San Francisco, SF Co., CA

1863-1864——Resided at at North side Post between Taylor and Jones,  San Francisco

1865-1866——Resided at North side Stevenson between Fifth and Sixth, San Francisco

ca 1868———-Son, John, married

1867-1869——Resided at 263 Jessie, San Francisco

1869————–Son, Thomas married

1870————–Became a Grandmother for the first time

1870-1877——Resided at 1070 Howard Street, San Francisco

ca. 1878———-Became a widow

1880-1891——-Lived at 563 Natoma; SF Co., CA

1889————–Took over the care of the children of her son, Thomas, when his wife dies in childbirth

1891————–Died San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA

2 thoughts on “Timeline for Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones

  1. Timelines are great aren’t they? They give you a picture of the person’s life by seeing where they are and what is happening his/her life. It helps you see if you have any great gaps that warrant further research.

    Thanks for sharing the life of your ancestor.

  2. Janet, it does help put the person’s life into perspective. You think you have little on them and you learn that you’ve collected quite a few little details. I definitely have gaps. I would so much like to pin down their immigration to California. And, find out why they were in Australia (by choice or not).

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