Revisiting the Smith Lagrange Conundrum

Revisiting the Smith Lagrange Conundrum

I’ve posted a couple of times about a research problem involving John Lagrange who died before 1840. He was the son of Elias “Jellis” Lagrange and Annatie Van Patten, of Albany Co., NY.

In the 1840 Census, John Lagrange is listed next to Henry Smith in Duanesburgh, Schenectady Co., NY. John’s son, John S. Lagrange has Smith listed as the Maiden Name of his mother on his death certificate. My thinking was that Henry Smith was John Lagrange’s father-in-law.

Until now…For some reason the birth years did not sink in for me until I found Henry and his wife, Catherine at at Mariaville Cemetery, Schenectady Co., NY. Henry’s birth year is given as 1786 and Catherine’s as 1811. The 1850 Census shows Henry as 54. So, his birth year was more like 1796 (which would be more in line with Catherine). If Henry wasn’t born until 1796, he surely cannot be John Lagrange’s father-in-law, because they would only be separated by 10 years at birth.  Furthermore, Catherine, Henry’s wife, and John Lagrange would be about the same age.

Why this didn’t stand out to me before is one of those genealogy mysteries. But, it does now.  The Mariaville fits in.  I was given a page from a book written by Vreeland Overstreet (need to check my notes).  He interviewed some of the descendants of John Lagrange.  They noted relatives in Mariaville.

I still believe that Henry I. Smith at is related to John Lagrange’s wife.  Only now, I believe he was her brother.

Everything I have is circumstantial and circumspect.  My gut says I have the right Smith Family, but my gut also says I’m about an hour late for dinner.  How do I figure out what John Lagrange’s wife’s first name is?  How do find the parents of Henry and “Somebody” (Smith) Lagrange?

Why can’t I find John Lagrange’s marriage?  Records for churches in Schenectady County are pretty darn easy to access, yet this couple seems to be invisible.

And, why can’t I find any information on John and “Somebody” Lagrange after the 1841.  It’s an assumption that they died before 1850 since they do not appear in the 1850 census and their children are parcelled out to relatives.  So, what happened to them?  Where are they buried?

I wish I could find that missing clue.  I need Miss Marple to root out this one!

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