She was a Special Dog

She was a Special Dog

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Animals are special to our families though they don’t get added to our family trees. They are in our photographs, our memories, and in our hearts.

It is with sadness that I write that my dear sweet Sierra, the 3 legged wonder dog, died yesterday. It was a day like any other. She seemed in good spirits and eager to get breakfast and take her wheelchair walk.

After 1, she just didn’t seem right. She refused a snack which is so unlike Sierra. Around 4pm she began to throw up and she was gone by 5pm.

It is so hard for me to believe she is no longer with us. She was 13 and had a good life. She was a teacher and friend.

I wrote about her for the Pet Carnival:
My Three Legged Wonder Dog

I have also got two tribute pages to Sierra:

Remembering Sierra and Rest in Peace, My Dear Sweet Sierra

There was no better companion.  Her bouts with cancer and arthritis prove her to be a fighter.

We will all miss this most beloved member of our family


2 thoughts on “She was a Special Dog

  1. Wow – what a great tribute to Sierra. This post (and related posts) brought up lots of emotions and thoughts of my own dogs who have passed.

    Sierra could not have had a more wonderful family to be with.

  2. Melody and Family,
    My heart is heavy with sorrow for your loss. Thank you for the picture of Sierra, beautiful dog. I agree that dogs are such a part of the family that when they pass it is a great hole in your life.
    Wishing you rapid healing.

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