A Sad Tale Emerges

A Sad Tale Emerges

I’ve spent this week searching for John C. Jones, a possible brother for my Thomas Augustine Jones, and his descendants.  What has unfolded is a somewhat sad story.  In a four year period, this family was hit with one tragedy after another.

First, Maud (Jones) Porterfield gave birth to a baby prematurely in July 1904.  The baby died two days later.

Then, John C. Jones died in February 1905 of gas aphyxiation, a possible suicide or murder (his wife investigated for murdering him)

Next, Frank Walther, husband of Nettie (Jones) Walther, died in a mental hospital in December 1905.

Last, Margaret (Coffin) Jones, wife of John C. Jones, died in May of 1908 of senility.

It makes you wonder what the members of this family were going through during those four years.  How did they react?  How did they survive the emotional upheaval?

It appears that Maud (Jones) Porterfield went on with her life.  She gave birth to another daughter and died at the age of 78.  But, what of Nellie and Nettie?  Where did Nellie disappear to?  What became of Nettie after her husband died?

Also, did Nettie or Nellie have children?  If not, Maude Ethel Porterfield is the only descendant of John C. Jones.  This line may have died out.  The line looks like this so far:

John C. Jones m. Margaret Coffin

1.  Jeanette “Nettie” m. Frank Walther

2.  Nellie m. ??? Phelps

3.  Maude Ethel m. James Percy Porterfield

1.  Maude I — died at 2 days old

2.  Maude II — alive in 1930 at age 21

Looks like I’ve got quite a few questions still to answer.

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