Voter Registrations: Thomas Augustine Jones

Voter Registrations: Thomas Augustine Jones

This post will explore the information found for the Jones family of San Francisco, California.  Thomas Augustine Jones came from Australia in the late 1850s.

Records for Thomas Augustine Jones

Some notes:

Thomas was naturalized long before 1900, so I was surprised that his first entry in the registration books was 1907 after the earthquake and fire.  There is a gap between 1908 and 1912, when he went to live with his daughter, Josephine Pohley in San Francisco.  Before 1920, he moved in with his daughter, Margaret Jackson’s family.  They lived in Oakland.  I did not find any voter registration entries for him during that time.  Thomas died in 1923.

  • Jones    Thomas A.    22 Aztec    blacksmith    1907    Democrat    57 years old
  • Jones    Thomas Aug    22 Aztec    blacksmith    1908    Democrat
  • Jones    Thomas Augustine    167 1/2 Chattanooga    blacksmith    1912    Democrat
  • Jones    Thomas Augustine    1671/2 Chattanooga    blacksmith    1913    Democrat

2 thoughts on “Voter Registrations: Thomas Augustine Jones

  1. This may be the Thomas Augustine Jones b 14 Apr in Bedminster, Somerset, England, son of Eden Thomas Jones (1780-1866) and Isabella Labe (1790-). He lived in Australia
    There are close links to Charles Babbage (computing engines fame) -some of his chiildren went to Australia.

  2. David, Thanks for contacting me. Was this Thomas Augustine Jones born in Australia? All indications point to mine being born in Australia to a Welsh father and British mother.

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