Rock On!

Rock On!

Music has always been a big part of my life. I can remember the first 45 I ever got was Sugar Sugar by the Archies. I was just four years old. I played it on my small record player that came in it’s own carrying case. The precuror to the modern boom box 🙂

In 5th grade, my folks bought me my first stereo. It was a combination turntable and radio. Man, it was cool! I got two albums to go with it: Elton John’s Greatest Hits and Grand Funk Railroad’s All The Girls in the World Beware.

Because I was the youngest of five (with 7 years between me and the oldest), I was influenced by a wide range of music being played in our house. Hard Rock, Folk, Heavy Metal, Punk, and New Wave were my faves. I was a member of the KISS Army for crying out loud. It was the 70s after all! I had a fascination with music from the 1960s, which I considered oldies when I entered high school in 1978! LOL There were two types of music I would not be caught listening to if there was only one radio station and I was in solitary confinement–Disco and Country. They were for old people and those who didn’t know how to listen to music the right way–with the volume turned up to 11 (shout out to Spinal Tap fans).

I still have most of my albums, well over 500 of them. I’ve got a nifty turntable connected to my computer and I’ve been slowly digitizing them. The old albums have a certain charm with all their pops and crackles. They sound lived in. Though many albums made up my collection, these ten filled my teen years:

  1. KISS–Love Gun
  2. Van Halen–Van Halen
  3. Beatles–Hey Jude
  4. AC/DC–Highway to Hell
  5. The Cars–The Cars
  6. Steve Miller Band–Fly Like an Eagle
  7. Carole King–Tapestry
  8. Peter Frampton–Frampton Comes Alive
  9. The Woodstock Soundtrack
  10. The Doors–The Doors

My tastes are always evolving. It’s really difficult to pin me down to a style. I enjoy finding new music. I’m always over at or to take advantage of the free downloads. I often pick songs at random so that I can experience alot of different music. There is always some new group that comes along and catches my interest.

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