First Stop: Passports and Consulate Logs

First Stop: Passports and Consulate Logs

My great great grandparents, Jozimas de Braga and Maria da Conceicao de Mello arrived in Hawaii in Jun 1882. I had information from the census on when my Gr Gr Grandparents migrated to Hawaii. I checked the ship indexes and found their entry. This helped me find them in the Azorean Passports

The couple was recorded in the consulate logs, but only Jozimas parents were listed. I then looked up the couple in the passport book by Robert DeMello. This is what it says:
Braga, Zosimo [sic], 32
Father Jacinto Braga
Mother Rosa Pacheco
From Maia

Wife Maria da Conciecao [sic], 36
Children: Jose 7, Maria 5, Maria 2 years old
#282 Monarch

While the passport revealed details about Jozimas de Braga and his parentage. There was nothing about Maria’s parents. I was going to have to do research in Portuguese language records. I’d never researched those records before. I have to admit they scared the dookies out of me! I didn’t know Portuguese except for a few swear words–and I didn’t think that would be very helpful!

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