Tip Toe through the Cemetery

Tip Toe through the Cemetery

Genealogy Research Journal #5, Entry #4

I needed to know more about Thomas, Margaret, and their children.  I spent some time searching for obituaries for the Jones family.  I learned that Josephine married Joseph Pohley, Alice married William Bourne, and Gertrude married John Burke.  Most of the family was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.  That would be my next stop as Margaret might be buried there, too.

What I Received From the Cemetery

The cemetery sent me several sheets of paper containing copies of index cards.   There were so many Bourne and Pohley relatives!

I began making lists of who was with what family and who was buried in the same plots.  I found Thomas Augustine Jones was buried in a plot all alone.   Then, I found Margaret.

My great great grandmother, Margaret (Kelly) Jones, died 13 Jul 1889. The baby who died at the same time was named Francis.

Is This Really My Ancestor?

I still had a problem. Margaret Jones is in an incredibly common name.  How did I know this was my Margaret Jones? My grandma was adamant that the baby who died was named Clara.

I would have to find her obituary to see if this really was my ancestor.

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