SNGF: Headline News, 7 March 1927

Oakland Tribune 7 Mar 1927 Headlines

Randy Seaver has his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge posted.  This week it’s headline news the day my Dad was born. My Dad was born 7 March 1927 in Oakland, California.  The Oakland Tribune was the main newspaper for the city of Oakland during that time. There wasn’t any one big headline, but it […]


SNGF: The Day of my Grandfather’s Birth

Randy Seaver over at has his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge out.  This week we’re to look up our grandfather’s birthday, find out what day of the week it was, note any historical events, and see if anyone famous was born on that day. My Paternal Grandfather, Jean Lassalle, was born 29 Jun […]


SNGF: Genealogy Resources and Usage

  For Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge this week, he has asked us to  fill out a survey.  Below are the questions with my answers.   1) Answer these questions in my survey about genealogy resources and usage:   a) Which genealogy software programs for your computer do you use (e.g., Family Tree Maker, […]