The Answer was Right in Front of Me


Sometimes the answer to the problem is right in front of your face.  I was pretty sure the Jean Lassalle on this WWI draft registration card was my grandfather.  The birthday matches. I was reluctant to say this was my grandfather since the physical characteristics were off.  My grandpa was not medium height (unless their […]


Found my Grandfather in French Military Records

militaire lassalle jean crop

I met a man through a cousin who met him on GeneaNet.  He is our distant cousin. He actively researches our family tree and is an excellent ally for all things genealogy in France. This weekend he informed me that France has put up a new military database, Registres de Recrutement Militaire. The records give […]


In Honor of Veterans Day

veterans photos1

On Memorial Day, I have written about those who fought but did not come home.  For Veterans Day, I want to show some of those who fought for their country and returned home.  They did their service, some for the amount of time they were drafted for, and some made a career of it.  They […]