Fearless Females: Grandma Was A Radical!

[Fearless Females, 17th of March, Social Organizations and Groups…a report from 2011 Not really.  But it makes for a great headline.  LOL I don’t know what organizations my Grandma Shellabarger belonged to while raising her family.  I don’t really think she had much time for them to tell you the truth. In the 1980s, she […]


Advent Calendar: The Lost Pajamas

(Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Day 10: Gifts) As I wrote about my doll, Tippy Toes, for the Smile for the Camera Edition #19, I thought I’d bring back my story about Grandma’s pajamas.  Though the pajamas weren’t necessarily my favorite gifts to receive (what five year old dreams of pajamas?), but they do bring […]


Where were you when the Loma Prieta Quake Struck?

Damage in the Marina District, San Francisco

Today marks the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. 17 October 1989 started out as a day of hope and excitement. People were excited about the Bay Bridge Series between the A’s and the Giants. They got in their cards, sat down in a seat on a BART train, or waited for the bus to […]