Genealogy on Flipboard

Genealogy on Flipboard

Have you heard of Flipboard?  Flipboard is a social media app that allows you to collect articles and blog posts in magazine format.  To save an item, you “flip” it.  You can share these items publicly or keep them to yourself.  It’s a great way to save articles you want to go back to or to share them with others.

A Flipboard is a lot like a Magazine

genealogy research journal flipboard
Research Journal Genealogy Finds is my Flipboard magazine (Source: screenshot)

Each flipboard is a collection of articles.  The articles are presented much like an online magazine.  Each entry has photos, graphics, and links.  You can turn the pages just like an online magazine or ebook when using the app or click on them when accessing through the website.

You can create your own Flipboard magazines to collect articles that interest you.  You can share your Flipboard magazines with others or keep them private.  You can follow other members, too.

You can access Flipboard from their app or their website.

I like Flipboard.  It’s has a nice, pleasant layout with easy to read fonts.  It’s easy to flip through articles, read what you want, share on social media, and save articles to you own Flipboards.

Some Genealogists You Can Follow On Flipboard

There are a few genealogists on Flipboard that provide interesting content.  Follow those you find interesting.  There’s always something good to read on Flipboard!

flipboard articles flipped
Articles I’ve flipped on Flipboard (Source: screenshot)

Here are some interesting genealogy and history related magazines to follow on Flipboard:

Genealogy on Flipboard (a collection of recently flipped items)

Geneaholic by Randy Seaver of

Family Roots by Diane Smoots

Family History by JSBLAW

DNA & Genealogy by Linda Labin

Genealogy Useful Articles by Michelle Enke

History’s Mysteries Revealed by Rick Hird by Inc.

Genealogy News by PatientGenie

Genealogy Gems by Lisa Louise Cooke

Genealogy Finds by Cindy Dragon

How to Use Flipboard

In order to use Flipboard, you’ll need a free account.  You can sign up by going to or from the app.

Access Flipboard through a tablet or smartphone using one of their handy apps.  Sorry, it doesn’t appear there is a Kindle Fire version.

Windows Phone

If you see the Flipboard icon on an article you’d like to share, click on it, and follow the steps.  It’s pretty easy to do!

Follow My Genealogy Flipboard

I have my own genealogy magazine on Flipboard. When I read something I find useful or interesting that others might enjoy, I “flip” it. This means I add it to my magazine.

Are you on Flipboard? To follow my genealogy magazine, click on the graphic below or go to Research Journal Genealogy Finds.

View my Flipboard Magazine.
Want to learn more about how to use this wonderful tool for genealogy?  The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke covered it in Episode 163:  Flip Your Genealogy into Flipboard.

If you’re already on Flipboard, let me know in the comments which genealogists you follow.  I’m always looking for some interesting genealogy reads!



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