Who Am I? 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Who Am I? 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

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I’m doing the Book of Me:  Getting to Know You Series blog challenge.  In this post, I’ll tell you 20 things that you probably didn’t know about me.

Here’s 20 random things about me…

my first day photo
My mom recently said “You weren’t very cute that first day, were you?” LOL
  1. I hide half of my money when I play Monopoly and Life.
  2. I make my own yogurt.
  3. If I have a question, I have to look up the answer.  I have to.
  4. While dogs are my first love, I am partial to pandas, koalas, and sloths.  Apparently, I am fond of animals that don’t move very fast.
  5. I make up words and phrases.  Thingerdinger is my go to know when I can’t think of what something is called.
  6. I wear special braces, orthotics, and shoes because spondylitis destroyed most of the cartilage in my feet.

    dead and living purple roses
    Can you see the beauty in it?
  7. I photograph dead flowers as well as living ones.  Oh, and bugs which sometimes creeps out my Facebook friends.
  8. I am a fan of Frank Capra movies.
  9. I own over 100 vinyl record albums.
  10. I have experienced a 7.1 earthquake.
  11. My family thinks I have an unnatural propensity torwards striped shirts.
  12. The first poem I fell in love with was “Stopping By Woods on Winter’s Evening” by Robert Frost which we had to memorize in 4th grade.
  13. When I eat cake, I eat the cake first and save the frosting for last.

    chocolate vegan cake is my favorite
    My favorite…chocolate and chocolate.
  14. I have been writing to a pen pal in England since 1980.
  15. I am a voracious reader and often have 3 or more books going at one time.
  16. I believe that Amelia Bedelia was right about a lot of things.
  17.  I am inspired by people like Malala Yousafzai and John Lewis who have hope, passion, and empathy in spite of the things that have happened to them.
  18. I’ve decorated and hidden over 50 rocks since summer as part of the Peace Rock Project.
  19. I never really liked meat, eggs, or dairy, so becoming a vegan was easier for me than some.
  20. I did not intentionally teach my dog how to sing Happy Birthday to You, but I laugh every time she does.

    dog singing happy birthday song
    My dog can sing Happy Birthday to You

There’s more, but I’ll save it for another day.

This post was written for the Book of Me:  Getting to Know Me Series created by Julie Goucher of The Anglers Rest

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