Net Neutrality Day: Fight for the Open Internet

Net Neutrality Day: Fight for the Open Internet

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Today websites across the internet are participating in Net Neutrality Day to send the FCC a message loud and clear:  Keep your hands off the internet.

Net Neutrality is important for website owners and visitors alike.  As website owners, we already pay for our domain names and web hosting (some incur more costs in servers, bandwidth, services, etc.).  If the FCC throws out the net neutrality rules, website owners would also have to pay internet providers for the privilege to have web traffic.  Not just one internet provider…all of them.  And, those costs will be passed on to consumers.

If you can’t afford to pay these companies the extra fees, well then, they’ll just slow down your traffic or prevent certain pages from coming up.  They may divert your web visitors to other websites who pay the extra fees.  That’s going to tick off your visitors.  They may blame you.  They may not return.

As a website owner and a website visitor, I’m a strong supporter of net neutrality.  It’s the way the internet has always been.  It works.  Don’t mess with a good thing.

Need to know more about Net Neutrality?

Fight for net neutrality
Net Neutrality is important to us all. Get the facts.


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