SNGF: My Female Ancestors and Their Age at Death

SNGF: My Female Ancestors and Their Age at Death

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Challenge from Randy’s GeneaMusings website is to calculate the age at death of five generations of female ancestors.  I’ll be using RootsMagic to help me with this task.


Still Going Strong


Anna (Jackson) Shellabarger (1912-2006) – 93 yrs

Anna (Mazeres) Lassalle (1897-1984) – 86 yrs

Great Grandmothers

Margaret (Jones) Jackson (1880-1965) 84 yrs

Maria Espirito Santo (de Braga) Pacheco (1876-1938) 61 yrs

Brigitte Breilh (1871-1959) 87 yrs

Elizabeth Segalas (1857-1938) 80 yrs

Great Great Grandmothers

Margaret Kelly (1849-1889) 39 yrs

Maria da Conceicao (Mello) de Braga (1845-1903) 58 yrs

Anna Jacinto (Mello) Pacheco (1835-1902) 67 yrs

Mathilde (LaPlagne Maucor) Breilh (1848-1910) 62 yrs

Marie Anne (Lacrouts) Mazeres dit Salanave (1835-1891) 55 yrs

Marthe Magdelaine (Labourdette) Segalas (1831-1860) 28 yrs

Marie Anne Alexine (Loustaunau) Lassalle (ca1825-1862) 37 yrs

Great Great Great Grandmothers

Catherine (Dolan) Kelly (ca1828-1872) 44 yrs

Mary Jane (Haywards) Jones (ca1811-1891) 80 yrs

Rosa Jacintha (Boteilho) Mello (1824-1869) 44 yrs

Rosa (Medeiros Pacheco) de Braga (1810-1889) 79 yrs

Rosa (Pimentel) Mello (ca1800-1864) 64 yrs

Jacintha Rosa (Ferreira) Pacheco (ca1795-1874) 74 yrs

Catherine (Roquebert ditte Salanave) Mazeres (1801-1874) 73 yrs

Jeanne (Capdeville) Labourdette (1809-1855) 46

Elizabath (Tiret) Lartigau (ca1794-1868) 74

Theresa (Lartigau) Loustaunau (1788-1849) 61

Marie-Anne (Maisounave) Lassalle (1796-1850) – 54 years

One thing I can see right off the bat is my 3rd great grandmothers lived longer than my 2nd great grandmothers.  Considering these women were from different countries, it’s curious, isn’t it?  A couple of my 2nd great grandmothers migrated to the US, but that does not seem to have improved their chances for a longer life.

In one case, I know the story.  I know that “something” swept through the village of Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island, Azores in the early 1860s.  It is reflected in the death records. There was some sort of epidemic that was particularly hard on children. Rosa lost 5 children between 1860-1864. Rosa died in 1869 at the age of 44.  I can only surmise her cause of death.  I’ve tried to piece together  Rosa’s Story for a 52 Ancestors challenge.

Age average: 60.8

Age average for each generation

Grandmothers 89.5

Great Grandmothers 78

Great Great Grandmothers 49.4

Great Great Great Grandmothers 63

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