SNGF: Genealogy Database Statistics

SNGF: Genealogy Database Statistics

Randy has his weekly challenge at ready for us.  This week his challenge asks us to find our genealogy statistical reports.  Then, find the answer to how many people, places, sources, etc., are in the database?

I use RootsMagic 7 to maintain my family tree database.  Normally, I would head over to the statistical report, but Randy’s article shows that I can get these numbers using File>Properties.

This is what I got…

RootsMagic Database Properties Statistics


It says that I have…

People:  11,801

Families: 4,362

Events: 28,463

Alternate Names: 3,177

Places: 1,367

Sources: 2074

Citations: 29,170

          I use RootsMagic

I thought it was funny that I have 7 Repositories and 1 To Do Task.  I’ve never entered these things.  I must be sleep inputting.  I wonder what they are?

There is another way to get statistics in RootsMagic.  Click on Reports>Lists>Statistical List

This report gives a breakdown on the individuals in the database, there average ages, and so forth.  This is my statistical report…


I went further and ran the Surname Statistics List to see what my top 10 surnames.  This is also found under Reports>Lists>Surname Statistics.

This is what I came up with…

Top Ten Surnames

  1. ??? (my unknowns) has 733 individuals.  I think I need to work on that!
  2. Medeiros = 264
  3. Pacheco = 259
  4. Souza = 201
  5. Mello = 147
  6. Silva = 122
  7. Costa = 122
  8. Braga = 119
  9. Ferreira = 101
  10. Furtado = 91

It doesn’t surprise me that the top 10 suranmes are all from my Portuguese side of the family.  These families are huge and go many generations.  I’ve also put a lot of time and energy into researching the associated lines.  They are in my database as well.

It does surprise me that I have to go all the way down to number 20 to hit one of my French surnames, Lassalle.  I only have 66 of those.

Looking at my grandparent’s surnames this is what I have…

Grandparents Surnames

Paternal side:

Lassalle = 66

Mazeres = 55

Maternal side:

Pacheco = 259

Jackson = 7

What’s deceptive about these numbers is that the 259 does represent the total number of direct line descendants who should have been using the Pacheco surname.  My great grandfather used Smith to hide his identity when he smuggled from Hawaii to California.  The Smith name gets carried forward.

Then, his brothers switched to Algravia, Algarvio, Algrava, and Algarva (sometimes the same guy used all these spellings).  Their children used those variants and Pacheco.

These types of name variations are not noted in my French, Irish, Welsh, British, and Australian lines.  At least, not so far!

Thanks for another interesting way to analyze my genealogy information, Randy!


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