GEDMatch Can Process FTDNA DNA Files Again

GEDMatch Can Process FTDNA DNA Files Again

You may have heard about the conflict between DNA testing company, FTDNA, and DNA tools website,  If you aren’t familiar with GEDMatch, it allows for the comparison of DNA files with people who have had their DNA tested through different companies.

A few weeks ago, they stopped processing files from FTDNA by FTDNA’s order.   You can read more about their concerns over privacy in Dick Eastman’s article “GEDMatch Suspends FTDNA Transfers.”  The two companies did get together, and I am happy to say, they have worked out their issues.

If You are New to GEDMatch
New users can upload their FTDNA raw data files by following the instructions at this link:
GEDMatch Data Upload for FTDNA raw DNA data files

Be sure to use the newly created raw data files at FTDNA.  The old ones are no longer accepted.

An excellent guide to DNA and genealogy

Existing GEDMatch Users

If you already uploaded your FTDNA raw data files to GEDMatch, you don’t need to do anything.  If GEDMatch had to do anything to these files, it was done in the background.

There is one change you need to be aware of.  In the past, you used your FTDNA kit number with the letter F in front of it to use the various tools on GEDMatch.  All the old numbers will be replaced with a random number with the letter T in front of them.  (Note:  This will not affect the kit number you were assigned by FTDNA.  It only means you will not be able to use your FTDNA kit number within the GEDMatch website.)

The notice states that it might take them some time to convert all accounts.  I noticed yesterday that my newly assigned number was in place.  However, as habits are hard to break, I put in the old number today and found it still works.   It looks like there is some overlapping.  At some point those old FTDNA kit numbers will disappear, so make note of your new number.  You can find in on the GEDMatch home page (after logging in) on the right hand side under “Your DNA Resources”

I’m glad to see that this has been worked out.  Now, let’s find some DNA cousins!

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