Mystery Photo: Who is the Young Man Possibly from Hawaii?

Mystery Photo: Who is the Young Man Possibly from Hawaii?

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I’ve got another photo mystery for you this week.  This comes from the collection of a Bonita and de Braga cousin.  The photo is of an unknown young man all dress up and ready to go.  Perhaps it is prom night or some other special occasion?

Unknown young man dressed up
Is this unknown young man from the Braga family of Honolulu and Monterey County, California?

I have no idea who this is.  However, I think the photo might have been taken in Hawaii (I have nothing to base that on, by the way.  It just doesn’t look like California.)  My instincts tell me that he might be a de Braga, one of our Thom, Paul, Freitas Mendes, or Braga cousins.

Unknown young man from Hawaii
A second photo of the young man from the same day


I’ve enlarged this photo for better clarity.

This is a close up of the young man
This is a close up of the young man

If he is a de Braga, he might be the brother or cousin of Gloria (de Braga) Thom.  She is the daughter of my great great uncle and aunt, Serafin de Braga and Olympia Medeiros, who resided in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is our unknown young man related to Gloria Braga Thom
Gloria (Braga) Thom belongs to the de Braga’s of Honolulu

Do you recognize the young man? Can you shed light on who he is and what family he belongs to?

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