Microfilm Available for Portuguese Hawaiian Research through the LDS Family History Center

Microfilm Available for Portuguese Hawaiian Research through the LDS Family History Center

One of the most important places to do research is at the Family History Center of the Mormon Church (aka Church of Latter Day Saints). Check your local phone book for a Family History Center near you.

This is a list of some of the microfilms/microfiche that are helpful for the Portuguese Hawaiian researcher.  Note that each Family History Center has it’s own collection.  Most items not in a center’s collection may be borrowed from the main Family History Library.  (Check with staff for availability and policies on ordering films.)

Available through the LDS Family History Library.  Some of these titles are available online.  The link is provided where available.

1890 Hawaii Kingdom Census. Film # 1675447 Items 2-11. 1920, 1910, and 1900 United States Census.  (The 1900 Census is difficult to read.  Soundex Indexes are available.)

Births and Christenings, 1842-1933.

California Airline Passenger Lists from Honolulu, 1947-1948.

California Death Index, 1906-1986.

Cemetery Records. Film # 982174

Census records, 1890.  Film # 1010686

Child index, v. 1-4, 1866-1896. Film # 1205693

Circuit Court Divorce Records, 1849-1915.  Film #’s 1015620-1015652.

Consulado Geral de Portugal em Hawaii, 1878-1913. (Consulate registers of Portuguese immigrants arriving in Hawaii) Film #’s 1017125 and 1321135

Death and Burials, 1862-1919.

Death index, A-Z. Film # 1205812

Deeds and Other Records, 1844-1900; Index 1845-1917 (dates vary by island) 108 reels.

Delayed Birth Records: 1904-1923. 130 reels

Delayed Birth Records: ca1859-1903; Index ca. 1859-1938.

Divorce Records, 1849-1915. 34 reels.

Father/Mother indexes to births. Film #’s 1205809 and 1205690

Index to birth, marriage, and deaths in Hawaiian Newspapers prior to 1950.  Film #’s 1002818-1002823

Index to Passengers (not including Filipinos), 1900-1952.

Kauai, Births, Deaths, and Marriages, 1826-1910.  Film #’s 1011145 and 295833.

Letters of Denization, 1846-1898.  Film # 1017113, items 1-4, 6

Lihue Branch Cemetery assignment, Kauai Island, Hawaii.  Film # 908686

Marriage index, v. 1-3, 6, 1866-1896.  Film # 1205808 and 1031145

Marriages, 1826-1922.

Obituary Index, 1980-Present.

Passenger Lists, 1900-1952.

Portuguese Hawaiian Memories: 1930, by J. F. Freitas.  FHL #996.9/D2f

Portuguese Passenger List Index, A-Z (Previously titled “Index to the Portuguese”)

Portuguese Union of the State of CA (UPEC): Death claim registers, 1880-1979; membership registers, 1880-1964. 9 reels.

Ship Manifests, index to the Portuguese, 1878-1913.  (A-F Film# 1002634; F-R #1002635; R-End # 1002636)

Ship Manifests, 1880-1890.  Film #’s 1009072, 1009624, 1009625, 1009627

World War I Selective Service Draft Registrations for Hawaii Cards, 1917-1918. 14 reels (divided by island)
*The California Death Index and Portuguese Union of the State of CA index are listed because of their value in locating people who emigrated from Hawaii to California.

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