GEDMatch’s Latest Feature: GEDCOM + DNA Matches

GEDMatch’s Latest Feature: GEDCOM + DNA Matches

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I have my DNA files uploaded to I go in at least once a week to see what new matches I have and to see what new tools they have to offer.  Today, I noticed that the GEDCOM section has a new feature “GEDCOM + DNA Matches”. I clicked on the link, entered my kit number, and was presented a list of people whose kits match mine who have uploaded a GEDCOM file. A simple click lets me view their pedigree.

This is such an improvement over the GEDCOM to all and the 2 GEDCOMs tools. Instead of fussing around trying to find matches to your GEDCOM, you can use this handy feature to jump right to the people who match your DNA.  It is considerably easier to work with.

Here’s how to do it:
1. After logging in, look down to the bottom right hand corner of the main screen and click on GEDCOM + DNA Matches.

You can see which DNA matches have uploaded a GEDCOM file at
Start by clicking on GEDCOM + DNA Matches

2. Enter your GEDMatch number (A leading letter with your DNA Kit Number).

Some of your GEDMatch matches have uploaded their GEDCOM files
By entering your kit number you’ll see your matches who’ve uploaded GEDCOMs

3. On the next screen there will be a chart showing your DNA matches who have uploaded a GEDCOM file. I’ve haven’t included a screen shot as this includes kit numbers and email address. Click on any kit number in the GEDCOM ID column.

Next you’ll see the persons start page to their family tree. From there you can click through their pedigree chart.

I had a handful of matches. Most of the trees aren’t far enough back to determine where we link up. However, one tree looks promising. The person has a whole line in Achadinha, Sao Miguel Island, Azores and I do, too.  I’ve contacted them to see if we can collaborate.  It’s a good bet that we link up somewhere.

Much appreciation to the people at for continually improving the tools on the website and for providing interesting ways for us to collaborate and explore our DNA results!

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