52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Collection

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Collection

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I’m participating in Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors Challenge in 52 Weeks challenge.  This is a collection of articles I’ve written for each week’s theme.

I’ve divided them by locality.  You can thumb through them and read whichever ones catch your interest.  Of course, I’d have no problem if you read them all.

Irish, Welsh, and English Roots (Migration to San Francisco and Oakland)

Finding the Jackson House

Give Me a Fresh Start on Harry Jackson

John and Mary Jane, I Hardly Know You

Killed in a Wind Storm

My Grandma Helped the Homeless

My Grandma Shellabarger was a Single Parent

No Name on the Tombstone

Step on the Gas

What Harry Jackson did that Estranged Him from His Daughters

Will I Find Martin Kelly’s Will?

Azorean Roots (Migration to Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts)

24 Miles was a Journey

The Curious Spelling of Jozimas

Goncalo Vaz Botelho: Descendant of a King

The Longest Migration

My Azorean Ancestor was a Soldier

My Favorite Photograph

My Heart Belongs to Antonio Medeiros Cordeiro

My Mom was the First to Graduate

Rosa Boteilho was a Tough Woman

French Roots (Migration to San Francisco and Oakland)

Charles Mazeres and His Laundries

Grandma Moved after Grandpa Died

John Breil: Born Near My Birthday

Marie Lassalle’s Long Life

We’re All Short




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