A New Blog Covering a Voyage to the Azores

A New Blog Covering a Voyage to the Azores

Today in the weekly new blogs post at geneabloggers, there was mention of one featuring the Azores.  I had to check it out since so few are writing about this region.

The blog will cover Mary Rogers Cabot, the blogger’s great aunt.  She took a trip to the Azores in 1882 and documented the ship.  The blog will feature her writings from that adventure.

I think this will be of interest to many of with ancestry in the Azores who are trying to a get a glimpse of the islands during this period.  It must have been one heck of trip by ship across the Atlantic, don’t you think?

How lucky for this person to have his great aunts letters, diaries, and so forth.  I wish my ancestors had kept something like this.  They didn’t even write on the back of their photographs.

A Sailing Voyage to the Azores 1882 should be an interesting read.


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  1. Will, you’re welcome! I am really enjoying the observations in the journal as my ancestors were from the Azores.

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