RootsMagic 7 Genealogy Software Released

RootsMagic 7 Genealogy Software Released

I’m so excited!  I’ve been working with RootsMagic 5 for quite some time.  But, I’ve been holding off to see if there would be an upgrade.  Looks like I’ll be asking Santa for RootsMagic 7 for Christmas!

RootsMagic 7 Software

Some features that folks might be happy about:

  • WebHints: New feature will check for matches and provide web hints from and
  • Ability to publish “multiple online family trees” on the web with easy editing features
  • DataClean:  Helps you clean up data issues within your database.  This includes NameClean and PlaceClean.  I can see how PlaceClean can be helpful.  I’ll be curious to see how NameClean works especially when one has a database full of foreign names.
  • Problem Alerts:  This feature will tell you if there are problems with the person’s information.  This will be helpful for this arthritic genealogist who sometimes hits keys that she didn’t mean to.

I have never used RootsMagic6.  So, I am not sure how many of these features are new or are revised.  However, they sound good to me!

If you’d like to know more about what is included in the software, here’s the what’s new page.  If you’ve never used RootsMagic, you can get a free trial download from their website.

I bet get my letter off to Santa soon!



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