Answer to My Question about My DNA Results

Answer to My Question about My DNA Results

The other day I posted my thoughts about my DNA test at FTDNA.  It was a 3 month follow up on my observations.  One of the observations I made was that I had very few Azorean matches despite their being an Azores DNA Group at FTDNA.

Cheri Mello who is one of the people who manages that Azores DNA group let me know that the majority of people on FTDNA at this point have English/Irish roots.  On the other hand, there are 700+ in the Azores DNA Group.  This explains why most of my matches have leaned towards my Mom’s grandmother’s side of the tree.

What needs to happen is more people from the Azores need to test at FTDNA so their is a wider pool to match too.  Since I have one line with roots in one village to the 1400s, I know that once more folks test from that area they are going to connect to me.   It’s just a matter of time.

So, you Azoreans get out there and test.  And, make sure you upload your raw files to so that we all can match up.  I’ve got a very big Sao Miguel Island tree…you want to share DNA with me 😉

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  1. I had DNA test on Can the data be transferred? I noticed the same thing. My match are on my non-Portuguese side. None on the Portuguese and I too come from a large family from Sao Miguel.

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