My DNA Results are in!

My DNA Results are in!

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You all may remember that sometime in May I sent in my samples for a FTDNA Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  Well, my results are in!

My roots are as follows:

My father’s side:  entirely French back to at least 1600

My mother’s side:  paternal-Azorean (same island, Sao Miguel); maternal-English, Irish, and Welsh.  My Welsh ancestors made a  detour through Austrlia for a decade or two.


I am not surprised by this break down except for the 3% Finnish.  I’ve been told that this is within the margin of error, so I’m not concerned about it.

After I looked at my origin, I checked out my matches.  I was surprised and happy to see that I had a top match with a known Pacheco cousins (our lines are from Achada and Fenais da Vera Cruz on Sao Miguel Island).  This is good stuff, I think, because we have a known connection.  We share great great grandparents.

I had 16 pages of matches.  Most were 5th and remote.  I had one that was a 2nd-4th.  It’s a woman in England.  Then I have 10 matches of 3rd-5th.  The rest are 5th or remote.

After I looked at my matches, I checked to see if I have any people in common and what chromosome we match in.  So far, I’ve come up with 3 people that I match in the exact same chromosome (all 4 of us the same).  All 3 of them have English roots.

I think it’s interesting that I am part of FTDNA’s Azores DNA Group yet my top matches, except for my known cousin and one other, are all English/Irish.  It kind of gives me hope that I might make a connection with my great grandfather’s roots.

I’m going to be sending out emails this weekend.  Hopefully, I’ll get some responses.

After that I’m going to upload my results to GEDMatch.  I know I have other cousins who have had their DNA done.  Maybe I will find some long lost cousin.




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  1. Hi
    This is exciting news! I haven’t done much work on my family, but I have a lot of information my mom did. How do you know when it’s time to do your DNA?


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