SNGF: My Father’s Maternal Line


It’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  Thanks to Randy for this challenge!  This one is all about my Dad’s mother’s line.

My Dad’s mother’s name was Anna Madeleine Mazeres.  She was born 17 Oct 1897 in San Francisco, CA and died 2 Feb 1984, also in San Francisco (though she lived in Oakland, CA most of her adult life).  She outlived my grandfather by 10 years.

My Grandmother’s patrilineal line is as follows:

  • Charles Mazeres dit Salanave (1868-1926),
  • Jean Mazeres dit Salanave (1824-1893),
  • Jean Pierre Mazeres (1794-1836)
  • Jean Mazeres (1742-1825),
  • Clement Mazeres (1722-1781),
  • Jean Mazeres (1697-????),
  • Jean Mazeres (1666-????)
  • Bertrand Cambus (1640-????)

This is the end of her patrilineal line.  The Mazeres surname is carried back through the maternal line from this point.

My Grandmother had one brother, Jean Emile Mazeres, born 29 Jun 1899 in San Francisco.  Sadly, he died 24 Jun 1903, in Modesto, CA.  My grandmother had a sister, but she died at the age of 2.  My grandma was the only one of Brigitte Breilh’s children to survive, so there are no male descendants from her family for the Y-DNA test.

I hope to be able to work in the village of Castet soon so that I can carry this line back even further.


A photo of my grandparents ca 1920.




3 Responses to “SNGF: My Father’s Maternal Line”

  1. Dana

    What about if you go back another generation? Does Charles have any brothers that had sons?

    I am thankful my grandmother had 3 brothers, but I don’t much about them. I know my dad or uncle will be able to fill in some blanks & hopefully I’ll find a male who can & will take the Y-DNA test.

  2. Melody Lassalle

    Charles did have one brother who had one son who is living. I may have to check to see if he has taken the test or is interested in doing so.

    I am fortunate that the French records are very good and go back into the 1600s. So, the absence of a DNA Test won’t be too much of a hindrance here. Where I could really use the help is my maternal grandmother’s father’s line. I wish there was someone to test because this has been a brick wall since I began.

  3. Kim @ Footsteps Of The Past

    Great post, hopefully you’ll be able to find another descendant of the next generation if your interested in Y DNA.

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