Book of Me, Prompt 20: The Feel of Home

Book of Me, Prompt 20: The Feel of Home

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[This is the 20th prompt in the Book of Me, Written by You Series]

We all know that home is a place with walls and windows.  It’s where we live.  But, what does home feel like?  For me, home is a place I feel secure.  It’s the place that I can sing in the shower and no one will give me a bad time about it.  It’s where my messy computer desk hides my various genealogy and writing projects.

Home is comfortable.  It’s where family can come over and put their feet up on the couch and have a good chat.  It’s where the kids (and me) can get down on the floor and play board games.  It’s where my silly dog attacks her stuffed animals.  It’s not a showroom or museum where you are afraid to get things dirty or where things are too fragile to touch.  It’s where I am most comfortable.

Home is with family–right now that is my Mom, me, and of course, my dog.  I don’t think I would feel at home without my dog.  Most of my life I have owned one.  They are an integral part of feeling at home.  There’s nothing more homey than sitting on my bed in the evening with my Nook on one side and my Jack Russell Terrier pushing herself in between me and my book.

I guess the feel of home can mean a lot of things.  To me, it’s a place of comfort and security, where there is laughter and serious contemplation.  And, there is always time to watch the antics of a certain 9 lb. dog.

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