My Maternal Grandfather’s Family Tree

My Maternal Grandfather’s Family Tree

One of the neat things about using WikiTree is once you have the data uploaded you can make some neat graphics for your blog.  I wish I had more photos of my ancestors.  The empty photo spots aren’t as appealing.

I created this tree using their widget. These are my Azorean roots.


It shows three geneations of my maternal grandfather’s family tree. Pretty neat, isn’t it? It’s only a fraction of the generations for this tree, but still makes a nice display.

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  1. My Great grandmother’s name was Maria da Conciecao. Her husband was Joaquim da Silva but the name was later changed to Mello. They lived on Kauai but later moved to Oahu. She is buried in the King Street Cemetery. Strange how these names are all similar. Her Marker reads, “Maria Silva Mello”. Joaquim is buried in St John’s cemetery in New Bedford, MA. His marker reads, “Joaquin Silva Mello”. Thanks for posting your tree.

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