Book of You, Prompt 18: Remembering Coloring Rolls

Book of You, Prompt 18: Remembering Coloring Rolls

This week’s Book of You Written By Me Prompt asks us if we remember the first gift that we received, if we still have it, if there were other special gifts we remember.  Try as I might, I cannot recall the first gift.  I was probably a baby at the time which might be the reason 😉

But, this prompt brought back a fond memory of an early Christmas present from my Grandma Shellabarger.  When I was about 4, my Grandma moved from Oakland, CA to Chula Vista to work.  She sent up a package of presents that first Christmas.  I remember to this day what I received.

They still make them, though I don’t think they’re as a big a deal today as they were when I was 4 in 1968.  It was a huge roll of paper.  The paper was probably an inch or more thick.  The whole roll was filled with images to color.  I loved coloring, so it was the perfect gift!  I could color for months on that roll.

I remember receiving them a couple of years in a row.  One had animals, another was the story of Noah’s Ark.  I would start my roll on the kitchen table, box of 64 crayons spread all over the place, and work for hours.  It was awesome!

I wonder if anyone else remembers getting these.  I did a Google search but had no luck finding reference to them.   This coloring roll was about the closest I could find.  However, the ones I got didn’t come in a fancy box.

It was probably one of the cheapest presents I ever received–and one I enjoyed so much!  One of those coloring rolls sustained me long past Winter Break.



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