The Book of Me, Prompt One: Who Are You?

The Book of Me, Prompt One: Who Are You?

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[Note:  I am participating in the blog prompt series The Book of Me, Written by You created by Julie Goucher at the Angler’s Rest blog.  The project runs for 15 months with new prompts each week.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading my responses each week.]

This weeks prompt:  Answer the question Who Are You? twenty times.

  1. I am a proud and involved Aunt.
  2. I am a dog parent, or rather, I am owned by a dog (a Jack Russell Terrier).
  3. I am an accidental photographer.
  4. I am a genealogist and recorder of the family history.
  5. I am thrilled when nature invades my space.
  6. I am considered a medical miracle of sorts.  I have a form of arthritis that destroyed most of the cartilage in my feet.  15 years after diagnosis I’m still walking (okay, sort of a limpy walk, but it’s walking!)
  7. I am tenacious.
  8. I am partial to pandas and koalas though I love all animals.
  9. I am a chocoholic vegan who recently became the maker of homemade yogurt.
  10. I am a writer, webmaster, and blogger.
  11. I am one who laughs at parodies.
  12. I am known to sing everywhere.
  13. I am a night owl who is more productive after 5pm than before 5pm.
  14. I am a cactus killer.  Plants shudder when I come near.
  15. I am passionate about my beliefs.
  16. I am better able to express myself on paper than verbally.
  17. I am a voracious reader who loves to be surprised by writers.
  18. I am often found watching documentaries for fun.
  19. I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and love the fact that the rest of the country thinks we’re crazy.
  20. I am in pursuit of learning every day.




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