Praise for FindaGrave Volunteers for de Braga family tombstone photos

Praise for FindaGrave Volunteers for de Braga family tombstone photos

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Recently, I searched FindaGrave for Seraphim and Olympia (Medeiros) de Braga.  I found both listed but without photographs.  I put in a request and got a response the next day!

After I had that information, I decided to search for more relatives.  I found several more listed without photographs, so I put in more requests.  Today, I received emails that those were posted.

These were the de Braga’s located at Diamond Head cemetery:

Seraphim de Braga

Olympia (Medeiros) Braga

Olympia (Braga) Mendes

Margaret (Braga) Paul

Gloria (Braga) Thom

And, these are two of my great great grandmother’s de Mello cousins:

Rosa Julia (de Mello Castanho) Caetano

Ermelinda (Caetano) Siders

I’ve noticed something about these tombstones.  They differ from what I found in the Kilauea cemetery and elsewhere in California.  While those tombstones are large with multiple names representing more than one family buried in a plot, these are almost all flat stones with one person named.  Even married couples have separate stones.

I thought this was curious.  While I have been told this is common at Diamond Head Cemetery and through Hawaii, I have yet to get a reason why.  Is there some reason that that the land at Diamond Head Cemetery doesn’t suppport upright tombstones?  Is it just a local preference?

At any rate, I wouldn’t have these photos were it not for the two wonderful volunteers at FindaGrave!  I hope they know how much those of us living across the ocean appreciate it!

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