SNGF: This Week’s Genealogy Highlights

SNGF: This Week’s Genealogy Highlights

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Randy Seaver has his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge on his blog.  This week we’re to write about our genealogy highlight.  I have a three highlights that I want to share.

1.  I made my first connection on WikiTree.  A researcher contacted me about my Shellabarger line.  This researcher has the line going back several generations in Iowa.  I’m excited about connecting with her.

2.  My cousin, Teresa Caires, emailed me with two new things on our shared Caires line.  We connected a couple of years ago and have been researching together trying to solve this mysterious family.

First, Teresa received copies of Jesuina (Caires) Fitkal and Rose (Caires) Vieira’s death certificates.  There were no great revelations, but the death certificates provided the place of burial, and solidified some of what we had.

Second, Teresa submitted a request on FindaGrave for photograph of one of the tombstones.  A few hours later, she got a photograph!  That is some great service the volunteer provided (whoever you are, thank you!)

Thanks to Teresa I can add the death certificates and the tombstone photographs to my collection.

3.  Highlight #3 doesn’t really have to do with research, but with my genealogy blog.  It was hacked last week.  This week I got it all cleaned up, I have a new theme (thanks to Susanna Duffy), I have a new Facebook page, and I’ve already met a couple of genealogists who I had not had contact with before.

The week might not have started all that great as I cleaned up my webspace, but I think it ended rather nicely.


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