A Collection of Father’s Day Posts

A Collection of Father’s Day Posts

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My Dad died in May of 2010.  Since then, I written a few posts and articles about him.  I thought that I would share those with you all today.

This is one of only two baby photos of my Dad that still exist today.  It’s funny because he has a striking resemblance to my oldest sister in this photo, though they looked nothing a like as adults.  He had the distinctive Lassalle ears right from the start…anyone who knows us would know what I am talking about.  LOL

This is one of the few baby photos of my Dad.  It was taken around 1928, Oakland, CA.

Enjoy these stories about my Dad:

My Dad, 1927-2010

Fatherless on Father’s Day

My Dad was a Korean Conflict Veteran

Remembering My Dad and His Baseball Hats

Was Chachy a common name in the 1940s and 1950s?

A Wild and Crazy Guy

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Wishing all the Father’s a very Happy Father’s Day!



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